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Top 5 Hi-Tech Gadgets for Moms

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gadgets for moms

Whether your loving mother prefers staying at home and looking after things or enjoys being engrossed in professional activities, gizmos that aim at simplifying their everyday life always make a great pick. Since the year 2012 is still very new, why not settle upon bringing a wide smile to your mother – who indeed deserves the best of everything.

Facebook app lets we supplement -enemies-

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facebook techAthima Chansanchai


Screenshot of EnemyGraph on Facebook

Let-s face it. Not everybody you-re -friends- with on Facebook is unequivocally your friend. What-s more, there-s copiousness of things on a amicable network and in genuine life that we don-t -like.-

Acknowledging that a genuine universe isn-t such a flushed place, a college highbrow has created EnemyGraph, a Facebook plug-in that highlights a things (and people) that beget dislikes. So gripers, if you-re ill of all a certain vibes on Facebook, EnemyGraph is a ideal app for you!

Dinosaur and Lizard Tails Inspire Robot Designers

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Dinosaur and researching of history

Placing tails on robots could make them more agile during search-and-rescue missions.  

Leaping lizards have a message for robots: Get a tail! University of California, Berkeley, biologists and engineers including undergraduate and graduate students recently studied how lizards manage to leap successfully even when they slip and stumble, and found that swinging the tail upward is the key to preventing a forward pitch that could send them head-over-heels into a tree.

Announces ROS Support, Developer Program

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educators and researchers

To meet the demand for open robotics platforms for researchers and educators, CoroWare will be including ROS on its CoroBot and Explorer mobile robot product lines.  

CoroWare, Inc. (COWI) announced support for the Robotics Operating system (ROS), an open-source meta-operating system for mobile robots, on its CoroBot and Explorer product lines. The company will launch a ROS early adopter program for developers, educators and researchers who are building applications on the CoroBot and Explorer platforms, according to a statement.

Universal Robotics and Motoman Partner to Set New Benchmark for 3D Vision Systems

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robots work

Universal Robotics and Motoman to work together on material handeling solutions. Machine learning provider partners with industrial robotics company to make materials handling more accurate, efficient and cost-effective.


Universal Robotics, Inc. and Motoman, Inc. announced a partnership to develop and market an accurate, cost effective and easy-to-implement 3D vision system solution for a variety of robotic applications. The companies will integrate Universal’s Spatial Vision self-calibrating 3D vision software in Motoman’s industrial robots.  The Spatial Vision-enabled robots will be initially launched in the materials handling market in early 2010.

Gadgets that save we from yourself

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possess enemy

Sean Fallon

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Are we your possess misfortune enemy? If so,
the following gadgets competence be means to assistance we overcome some relatively minor
shortcomings. That is to say, if you-re reading this while wearing a fake
mustache while frantically perplexing to make your approach to a border, sorry — but you-ve substantially got bigger
problems to tackle.

Techno Life

Research Day -Summer 2010

Tomorrow I present at Research Day at University of Guelph at 1:30pm. Here is the abstract for the presentation:

DARPA Selects Barrett Technology and RE2 for ARM Research Program

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s Autonomous Robotic Manipulator research program to be lead by Barrett Technology and RE2. The Defense Advanced…

DARPA, Energid And ATK To Initiate Satellite Recycling Program

Exciting innovations to come from the Phoenix Program’s collaborations with robotics community The DARPA Phoenix Program is targeted at developing entirely new…

Da Vinci Approved in Japan

Intuitive Surgical overcomes first hurdle for sale of da Vinci system in Japan. Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare approves Intuitive Surgical’s da…

Brazil and China Sign Trade Agreements

RIO DE JANEIRO — Leaders of Brazil and China sealed trade agreements directed during augmenting investment and trade flows during a time when mercantile expansion…

Taliban Attack during Resort Hotel Near Kabul Kills 20

The 20 victims enclosed a hotel’s manager, several private confidence guards and a infantry officer, officials said, and a 7 enemy died as Afghan confidence army…